• 721Lounge (map)
  • 721 Sutter Street
  • San Francisco, CA, 94109
  • United States

Free Press is a San Francisco based jazz, blues and improvisational group featuring Christie Harbinski (vocals), Dave Mihaly, (drums/piano), Michael Cavaseno, (guitar) and Ryan Mihaly, (saxophone/piano).  

Dave Mihaly or "The Sensei" is also known for his drum and percussion work with Jolie Holland and the SF improvisational collective Mushroom. He has manned the drum chair with Trans Van Santos, Bardo and many more. He is bandleader and songwriter for the Shimmering Leaves.  

Michael Cavaseno tours with Bang Data, plays guitar in the Shimmering Leaves and Six Roses. 

Christie Harbinski sang with the Aida Jazz Trio at Sony Christmas shows, was an alto for three years in the Glide Gospel choir and is a singer/songwriter for Free Press. 

Please see www.cadillachotel.org and www.thefreepressmusic for more information.