• Le Colonial Lounge (map)
  • 721 Sutter Street
  • San Francisco, CA, 94109
  • United States

After seven original records, another on the way (due out in early 2018), and countless performances,  Justin continues to hone his own unique voice, proving to be one of our times great multifaceted and prolific artists. On certain nights he can be found singing and strumming original songs, and other nights as the guitarist in various jazz bands and experimental music groups in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. Whatever the style, and whatever the setting, Justin's voice always manages to find a place in the music that he's a part of and consistently brings forth an honest and expressive energy. In addition to performance and teaching, Justin also composes for commercials and film. 

Born into a musical household, Justin's exposure began at a young age. He recollects hearing all kinds of music, from classical symphonies to jazz standards to folk songs and everything in between. These influences led to many early childhood instrumental experiences. Starting with the piano, followed by the trumpet, Justin eventually found his way to the guitar, the instrument that would influence him the most. Onwards through elementary/middle/high school Justin dabbled on many other instruments. After a year in Chicago attending DePaul University spent mostly compiling original music in his spare time, Justin returned to Detroit where he enrolled at Wayne State University and went on to receive and B.A. in jazz studies and guitar performance. 

Justin now resides on the west coast where he continues to teach, compose, perform solo, play in groups, and fine tune his craft. Fresh off two 2015 debut releases with his band Bastet and a west coast tour with The Madeline Tasquin Trading Company, Justin has high hopes and goals for his music and is an artist worth keeping track of.