Soups & Salads  

Pho Ga     9.00

Chicken broth, rice noodles, Mary’s chicken, cilantro, scallion, bean sprouts, basil, chili & lime                      

Canh Cua     12.00

Dungeness crab soup with rice noodles, seasonal vegetables & Dungeness crab meat

Xa Lach Rau Tron (v)   9.00

Butter lettuce, hearts of palm, shaved radish, puffed wild rice & tamarind vinaigrette                                     

Goi Ga    10.00

Shredded Mary’s chicken, mustard green, asparagus, baby arugula, soy bean, watermelon & passion fruit vinaigrette

Goi Du Du Tom Nuong (v)  13.00

Green papaya salad, tamarind glazed prawns, mango, carrots, jicama, herbs & nuoc mam                                                              

Appetizer Tasting Platter

Chef’s selection of five Vietnamese specialties (for two) 28.00

Each additional person 14.00


Goi Cuon        11.00

Fresh spring rolls with poached prawns, red leaf lettuce, pickled daikon, rice noodles & hoisin peanut sauce

Bo Bia Chay (v)   10.00

Fresh spring rolls with sautéed mushrooms, chayote, jicama, carrots, tofu, herbs & peanut dipping sauce.

Cha Gio Tom Cua         12.00

Crispy rolls with Dungeness Crab, shrimp, chicken, vermicelli noodles, taro, mushroom & nuoc cham               



Chem Chep Sot Ca Ri         14.00

Black mussels, coconut yellow curry broth, smoked cherry tomatoes & herbed baguette

 (add Asian flavored “pommes frites” for $5 to compliment your mussels)                      

Banh Hap So Diep Chien (g)     15.00

Fried wonton filled with scallops, shrimp, ginger, cilantro & sesame-soy sauce                            

Suon Nuong (g)    16.00

Hoisin & passion fruit glazed baby back pork ribs, avocado, pickled pineapple & shaved radish              

Cha Cua   16.00

Crispy coconut crusted mini Dungeness Crab cakes & cilantro aioli

Goi Ca Thu    14.00

Ahi tuna tartare with avocado, green papaya, Vietnamese herb salad & sesame-passion fruit vinaigrette                                                     

Thit Kho Chien    16.00

Twice cooked pork belly, hosui pear, quail egg, mustard jus & shrimp chips 

Crispy Saigon Crepe    14.00

Crispy rice crepe filled with shrimp, bay scallops, Portobello mushroom, bean sprouts, fresh herbs, lettuce & sweet-sour grapefruit “jus”



Ca Thu Nuong   28.00

Grilled Ahi Tuna, with crushed fingerling potatoes, Vietnamese kimchi & sweet black vinegar jus

Ca Hoi Nuong Cuon Nam   26.00

Salmon fillet wrapped in wheat crepe with crimini mushroom, served with seasonal vegetables & Thai basil sauce


Hai San Thap Cam 27.00

Mussels, clams, shrimp, scallops, cod & halibut in a yellow coconut curry sauce with fennel, fingerling potatoes and mixed herbs served with toasted baguette & rouille                                                                                           


Le Colonial Specialties

Ca Hap La Chuoi 33.00

Steamed Seabass wrapped in banana leaves with sweet potato noodles, oven roasted tomatoes,

shiitake mushroom, ginger, black-bean coconut sauce & papaya sauce vierge

Bo Luc Lac   34.00

Wok-seared filet mignon cubes, sweet-savory soy, pickled red onion, on a bed of watercress,

fingerling potatoes, cherry tomatoes & crispy lotus chips



Ga Chien Xa     24.00

Roasted lemongrass chicken, turmeric mousseline potatoes, seasonal vegetables & lemongrass chicken jus         

Pot Au “Pho”    28.00

Braised oxtail and short ribs in a oxtail bouillon, crispy vermicelli noodles, turnips, pearl onions & shaved radish served with mushroom bone marrow fondue                                                      

Steak Au Poivre Vert   42.00

Grilled Prime Angus New York Steak with Asian flavored “pommes frites” & green peppercorn sauce

Thit Heo Nau Cot Dua (Blanquette style)  22.00

Coconut milk-braised pork shoulder, Portobello mushroom, sweet potatoes, water chestnut & pearl onions

Dau Hu Luc Lac (v)   18.00

Wok-seared all natural tofu with sweet-savory soy, pickled red onion, on a bed of watercress,

fingerling potatoes, cherry tomatoes & crispy lotus chips

 Shared Entrées

Rack of Lamb(for two)      62.00

Hoisin marinated 8 ribs of lamb rack served with French beans & homemade potato chips

Ga Sot Gung              38.00                                                                                                                      

Whole roasted Cornish Hen with sweet and sour ginger sauce served with kohlrabi & bamboo shoots



Mien Xao Cua (v)   15.00

Wok-tossed sweet potato noodles, Dungeness Crab, farm fresh egg, bean sprouts &  scallion                          

Dau Dua Xao  (v)    9.00

Wok-tossed French beans, ginger, garlic-oyster sauce, & almonds                                           

Xu Bruxelles (v)    10.00

Crispy sweet chili-glazed brussels sprouts, portobello mushroom, carrot chips & nuoc cham                         

Rau Xao (v)  9.00  

Wok-tossed bok choy, ginger & oyster sauce                                                                                                      

Com Chien Le Colonial(v) 12.00

Wok-fried Jasmine rice, bay shrimp, scallion, carrots, green beans & farm fresh egg                                        

Com Nep  9.00

steamed sticky rice, coconut curry sauce, Portobello mushrooms & shrimp                          

Com Dua (v)  6.00

Jasmine rice cooked in a savory coconut broth                                                                                          

Com Luc (v) 5.00

Koda farms organic heirloom brown rice                                                                                                   

Com Trang (v)   4.00

Jasmine rice                                                                                                                                                 

(g) contains gluten·  (v) Vegetarian

In response to California's severe drought we serve tap water on request

Le Colonial is dedicated to the evolving process of operating a green business environment with the recommendation of products that are organic and natural.